HMM Golden Sundance
Foaled July 6, 2004- AMHA/AMHR 
29 3/4" Palomino

"Sundance" has correct confirmation, a perfect bite, beautiful color, a gorgeous head and a outstanding pedigree! He is LWO negative, homozygous red, carries one agouti gene, a silver gene along with a cream gene so he can throw those much sought after dilute colors, buckskins, palominos and smokey blacks! We suspect that he might be carrying the splash gene. He has sired many foals with blue eyes. Sundance is a great grandson of Double O Seven And A Half Moto, who is a National Champion & National Grand Champion!! Sundance also goes back to Komokos King Tut, Stouts Mr. Pride, Dell Tares & Vant Huttenest. He has small ears, nice neck, level topline, straight legs, strong hip and big brown eyes. He has a great personality and is easy to handle.He is very confident but also knows his place when it comes to being handled. He is an awesome stallion and his foals are outstanding! 

​​HMM Hot Wired Bucks
Foaled April 9, 2013-AMHA/AMHR
33 1/2" Perlino Dun Pinto

"Bucky" is a stunning perlino dun pinto stallion. He has been color  tested Ee, Aa and has one tobiano gene. His first foal is pretty smokey black colt.

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Running Creeks Apachie Warrior
    Foaled April 14, 2003-AMHA/AMHR  
31" Black Leopard Appaloosa

Owned By Bruce & Sophie Hoffman

"Warrior" is a 2003 fabulously colored black leopard stallion. He has a wonderful head, long neck, excellent bite, very level topline, straight legs and an amazing pedigree, which includes Gold Melody Boy, Chianti, Dell Tares Moon Man, Stouts MR Pride and Dell Tares Jim Dandy. He has proven himself by throwing beautiful foals exhibiting color, conformation, fine temperment at a very small size. A truly gorgeous spotted stallion!!!

Twisted Pine Lil Rascal
Foaled May 8, 2008- AMHA/AMHR 
32 1/4" Homozgyous Bay Tobiano Pinto

Owned By Bruce and Sophie Hoffman

​"Rascal" is a beautiful bay and white paint tobiano stallion. He is perfect in everyway! He has straight legs, even bite and a very handsome presents. He is very well mannered, easy to handle and very easy going. Rascal has tested HOMOYZGOUS for tobiano and black and has one agouti gene! We look forward to raising some beautiful  paint foals sired by Rascal in the future. Rascal's bloodlines include Ultra Tradition, Oak Forest Hunk of Huka, Bond Showboy, Dell Teras Moon Man who is sired by Stouts Mister Pride. 

Updates coming soon with 2 new paint stallions. 

Black and White Pinto with blue eyes will be offered for sale.

Updated October 6, 2020