​​​​​​​Shadow Lakes Bout a Risky Delight
Foaled April 6, 1999-AMHA/AMHR 30 1/2"

"Risky" is a 1999 beautiful black and white pinto mare. She has a good bite, straight legs and fun personality. She has been used as a broodmare in the past but we havent raised any foals with her. Risky foaled a beautiful paint filly in 2012 now owned by San Juan Minitaures. 
Risky had a beautiful bay and white pinto filly with Rascal for 2015 and 2017.

Risky is open for 2018.

Sunkist Cherokee Ribbon
Foaled May 6, 1999- AMHA/AMHR 33 1/2"

Cherokee" is a beautiful brown and white pinto mare. She is very sweet and has a very loving personality. She joined our herd in late August 2013. She is dam to our mare Moondancer and foaled a beautiful brown and white paint colt in 2013. We look forward to raise more beautiful babies with her!! 

​Cherokee had a beautiful buckskin pinto filly with Bucky for 2017!

Cherokee is open for 2018.

Jay Lazy B. Moon Beam
Foaled  June 12, 2000-AMHR 34"

"MoonBeam" is a 2000 pure black spunky mare. She has a HUGE personality! She has an even bite and straight legs. Truely a great, smart attitude! A very fun little horse! She is a ranch favorite!!! Moonbeam foaled a black colt in 2013 and a red colt in 2015.

Moonbeam has been exposed to Comanche for 2018.

J&C's Painted Hemlock Brooks
AKA-June Bug
Foaled May 3, 2005- AMHR 33"

"June Bug" is a 2005 AMHR 33" gorgeous black and white paint mare. She has a beautiful head, excellent bite, straight legs, flashy color and a very sweet temperment! She has unique markings and a very catchy look. She has tested HOMOZGYOUS for black (EE), negative for LWO (nn) and carries tobiano (nT). She is very gentle and OH SO sweet. She is a perfect little package!! 

Running Creeks Apachie Doll
Foaled July 23, 2008-AMHA/AMHR


Apachie Doll" is a 2008 buckskin mare. Apachie foaled a cremello colt in 2014 who is now one of our stallions, Comanche. 
Apachie foaled a beautiful smokey black colt for 2016!

Apachie has been exposed to Rascal for 2018.

SJM Harmonys Grand Slam Sophia

Foaled April 12, 2010-AMHA/AMHR 

Sophie foaled a beautiful dunalino filly in 2014, a pretty pinto colt in 2015 and a palomino pinto filly in 2017 with Bucky!

HMM Buck O Perfection
Foaled May 26, 2011-AMHA/AMHR  33 1/4"

Perfection is a beautiful silver buckskin mare. She has a pretty head, excellent conformation and is very refined. She is a direct granddaughter of Boones Little Buckeroo. She is also grandaughter of both Buckeroo and East Acres Golden Jubilee. Her pedigree also includes Gold Melody Boy.

Perfection has been exposed to Bucky for 2018.

HMM BTU Grand Impression
Foaled April 17, 2012-AMHA/AMHR 30"

"Shoteka" is a pretty chestnut pinto mare. She has correct conformation and is very loving and friendly. She has excellent bloodlines and is granddaughter of BTU. We recently added her to our herd and we are very excited to have her.

Shoteka foaled a pretty pinto filly in 2017 to Rascal!

Shoteka is open for 2018.

SJM Coco's Little Miss Independence


Foaled March 19, 2012-AMHA/AMHR 28 1/2"

Indy is a pretty silver buckskin with a blue eye and a hazel eye. She has correct conformation, and even bite and fun sassy attitude! She has been tested Ee for red/black and is heteroyzgous for both cream and splash white. Her is sire our stallion Sundance and her dam is our mare Coco. Indy is pictured as a 2 year old and is currently 28 1/2".

Elk Runs Rosalees Baby Butterfly


Foaled April 19, 2012-AMHA/AMHR 30"

"Butterfly" is a super cute uniquely marked sorrel and white tovero pinto filly with beautiful partial blue eyes. She has correct conformation, straight legs and even bite. She is loads of fun and has wonderfully friendly personality. She has been color tested and carries both LWO and tobiano. Her bloodlines include Magic Mans Incognito, H & HS Fighting Buckeroo and

Boones Little Buckeroo. 

Butterfly foaled a pretty palomino filly with Sundance for 2017.

Esperanza's Hot N Flash


Foaled April 30, 2012-AMHR 33 1/2"

"Zoey" is a beautiful black with a white blaze and 2 ice blue eyes! She is perfect in everyway! And has a loving personality to match her beauty. Her sire is a cremello and her dam is a pretty bay and white paint.

Zoey joined our herd in November of 2012.

​Zoey foaled a smokey cream filly with Bucky for 2017.

Zoey is open for 2018.

SJM Star Spangled Banner


Foaled May 19, 2012-AMHA/AMHR 31"

"Banner" is a pretty light colored palomino with one blue eye. She has correct conformation and very fun friendly personality! Banner's sire is our own stallion Sundance.

Banner foaled a minimal tobiano colt to Rascal for 2017.

Elk Runs Lil Emma Jean

AKA-Emma Jean

Foaled May 18, 2014-AMHA/AMHR 32"

 "Emma Jean" is a pretty cream colored palomino mare. She has correct conformation, even bite and a loving personality. Emma was born and raised with us. We own her sire and several of her siblings. This summer we will take updated pictures of her.

Updated June 4, 2018