​​​2012 Foals
Elk Runs Rosalees Baby Butterfly
Foaled April 19, 2012-AMHA/AMHR
 Born at 12:15 am, 311 days, Birth Height 18"

Sire-Running Creeks Magic Mite
Dam-Twisted Pine Gypsy's Rosalee

​"Butterfly" is a super cute uniquely marked bay and white paint filly with beautiful blue eyes. She has correct conformation, straight legs and even bite. She is loads of fun and has wonderfully friendly personality. She has been color tested and carries both LWO and tobiano. Her bloodlines include Magic Mans Incognito, H & HS Fighting Buckeroo and Boones Little Buckeroo.

Elk Runs Lil Risky Dispatch
Foaled May 4, 2012-AMHA/AMHR 
Born at 4:30am, 353 days, Birth Height 23"

Sire-Running Creeks Lil Fire Cracker
Dam-Shadow Lake Bout a Risky Delight

​Dispatch has been color tested and carries tobiano and

is homozygous  for black.
Owned by San Juan Miniatures

Elk Runs Lil Rosanna
Foaled May 16, 2012-AMHA/AMHR 
Born at 4am, 322 days, Birth Height 18 1/2"

Sire-Running Creeks Lil Fire Cracker

"Rosanna" is bay and white tovero filly with 2 blue eyes. She is super cute and perfect in everyway. She is a keeper! We recently color tested her. She is carries both red and black factors and is HOMOZYGOUS for tobiano. 

Elk Runs Apachie's Princess Lakota
Foaled June 1, 2012-AMHA/AMHR 
Born at 8pm, Birth Height 17 1/2"

Sire-Bens Prince Echo
Dam-Running Creeks Apachie Doll

Past Foals


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